Relationship Manager

Privacy-focused personal relationship manager

Linc is a personal CRM for everybody and each of the very real, very unique relationships in our lives. It is a tool for creating a mindset of intentionality with the people we care about and helping us to get out of our own way when necessary.

4.5 Rating


“"I’ve long wanted an app that does this and have tried many that failed for me. This is the first I’ve actually subscribed to [...] this is the best relationship tracking app I’ve found so far."”
“This is a great solution to stay on top of keeping your relationships strong with contacts. This app gets totally right what so many others get wrong. [...] Honestly, I’m finding it hard to find the right words to say how happy I am with this.”
“As an introvert, I’m not always the best at staying in contact with those that mean a lot to me. [...] This app gives me the prompts and the reminder that I have people who love me and I should check in with and keep contact going! Thanks for helping me not let my social connections die!”

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